How to Do SSS Number Cancellation - Multiple Accounts Registered Online

If by mistake you made multiple registrations whether online of offline and your name bears 2 or more different SSS numbers, this is for you. Here is a step by step guide on how to consolidate your contributions, records, loan payments and all. Just remember that if you let this happen and do not make any move to do the SSS number cancellation, later on, it will take its toll on your membership details. This has happened many times due to carelessness or unfamiliarity and lack of knowledge that later on, this will cause inconvenience both to you and possibly your loved ones if a scenario of claim due to death or hospitalization is up.

4 big reasons why you should opt in for sss number cancellation for multiple accounts registered

1. Making a mistake of registering different SSS numbers under your name for purposes of thinking you could possibly cheat on your pension later is not advisable. If you did this by mistake and think that there is nothing wrong with what you just did, you are wrong. This could badly impact your status of contribution and consolidation of membership benefits to avail, account details such as contributions, payments and different applications with  Social Security System. In the end, you will be required to consolidate your records under 1 name and 1 number.

2. It is a different scenario however if you have a common name. In this case, it is easy for SSS to know who is who by records of member residence, employment, account number (if you have one) and ID by virtue of a digital photo which is required these days when you apply for a SSS ID or UMID (unified multi-purpose ID).

3. Another valid reason why you need to cancel multiple SSS account numbers is because it is very hard to cheat an automated system these days. If it worked for others back in the old days, it might and will not work for you today. That, i can guarantee you so don't get the wrong impression that the Social Security System will not penalize you in a way or two. By penalize what I mean is by virtue of giving you a hard time later on because you will need to consolidate all your records under your unique name and SSS number.

4. Lastly, there is no way you can get away with a mistake whether it is intentional or not. Avoid the inconvenience later or suffer delays and errors in all your upcoming transactions later. I'm pretty sure you will not like it falling in the very long line especially during these times of the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine. Furthermore, there are only a few skeletal force workers for the Philippine government today and that includes workforce for the SSS. Also just to simply realize that it is very important  to risk exposure to viruses these days. You might just regret it if you did it intentionally.

what form(s) to use in applying for cancellation of multiple ss numbers?

First, secure and download the request verification form. You can find a PDF form copy that you can download here -

There are 9 different transactions you can make using the request verification form. We have listed them all below so that you can make an advance inquiry thru SS hotline and ask just in case what specific option category you fall with your case.

  1. Cancellation of multiple SS numbers
  2. Consolidation of contributions (for members with multiple employers)
  3. Correction / Refund / Posting / Adjustment of SSS contribution
  4. Certification of membership /  Non membership
  5. Copy of membership records
  6. Deletion of entry in employment history record
  7. Encoding / correction of date of coverage
  8. Manual verification
  9. Printout of computer records - static information, actual premiums, flexi fund premiums (for OFWs), SSS PESO fund premiums, employment history and claims information

With on hand information above, you have to be 100% sure which category your case falls in. Otherwise, you can make that hotline number call to the branch you wanted to visit. Be sure to list the name of the person entertaining your help concern for later use.

Reminder: Be sure to get or ask for the acknowledgement stub portion to cut by the attending customer service representative from the SSS office you are transacting your request.

You will only make this transaction if you are confirmed by the SSS to have multiple SS numbers under your name.

requirements for ss number cancellation

Below are the list of requirements you need to bring to transact cancellation of SS number.

  • birth certificate
  • valid primary ID(s) bearing your full name and date of birth
  • completely filled up request verification form

step by step process in sss number cancellation

  1. Bring complete list of requirements listed above
  2. Go to the nearest SSS branch. We have a complete list here.
  3. Secure from the information booth attending guard, a copy of the SSS Number verification slip (if you were not able to download it prior to visit).
  4. Fill up the form and submit to the Verification Counter.
  5. If you are confirmed or upon confirmation that your name and account had multiple SSS numbers, secure, fill up and make the request for the cancellation of the other number(s) and to consolidate any other records along with the to cancel numbers under your 1 last retained SS number.
  6. Although this is not actually part of the process, do remember to inform your company and submit your retained SSS Number to the HR Officer. This is of utmost importance to avoid miscontribution of SSS member premium or contributions in the future.