About Us

SSS Online Inquiry is a webpage that aims to help assist Social Security System members all over the world. We provide information taken from avid online research. We publish latest updates and new about the SSS in the Philippines to make it available to all members anywhere they may be.


Please note that information posted in our website is also a product of what is available online and offline experience to a personal level only. Professional advise is still best when it comes to account issues and problems. This means, we strongly suggest to consult only with authority in any of the authorized and accredited branches to protect and secure your member information and data. Never disclose any information online to avoid scams and protect your information. These information may consist but is not limited to your SSS number, real name, address, inquiry reference number, any money amount information, claims, benefits, loan, ID, inquiries, photo and more. Doing so might and will expose you to scammers out there and we are not liable in any case legal or not if this happens.

Always remember to trust only yourself with respect to private information regarding your SSS account and static database information. Have a great day and Mabuhay!

SSS Online Inquiry Admin