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When people from private sector look forward to retirement, a SSS online inquiry or a personal visit to any nearby branch is deemed necessary. Because it is usually very hard to spend time trying to ward off from the city traffic, here is a place where you can start your search. Whether you are on your way to simple living or still employed, our website is where you can search for information regarding your personal account database as well as for different services offered by the Social Security System in your area.

We provide what you need and we give you the information according to what we have searched and researched online scouring the different government websites. That is so that we may be able to provide you an alternative source for the information and update you need to know about the social security agency in your local city or province when servers are on downtime session. We hope to serve the people with regards to new account application, office branches, people behind these offices, the 24/7 call center for inquiries, particular branch hotline numbers, loans, lost documents like ID / E-1 etc., downloadable forms, latest news / announcement and press release updates, changes to the laws and policy of the SSS, calamity fund, loan payments issues and problems and more.

SSS Online Inquiry on Citizen Services

Standardized citizen services are also being offered by the different offices of the social security. In our aim to lead people to an easy access to information, we are making our website available 24/7 for all. Whether you are searching for member benefits (retirement / disability / death / funeral / maternity / sickness / ECC etc), loan, ID application, lost document replacement, account online registration, online e-payment options, coverage, compensation, housing loan, business loan, educational loan, member loan, schedule of contribution, the contribution table, member contribution issues / problems, pension, OFW SSS and more, we are here to help. You can always ask us and rely on our FREE information service center here at SSS Online Inquiry.

Social Security News

Know about the latest update, news and press releases by the social security office in your particular area or for a nationwide announcement. Fund and calamity assistance extension service and other news like typhoon stricken calamity areas coverage and offer for calamity loan and emergency fund for claim of qualified SSS members.

SSS Branches and Office in your Area

Search and click for a particular branch here or click on a link to see complete contact details and guide on how to get there map. Search for the exact location address of any office prior to a visit for an offline inquiry or simply see who's in charge and call a customer service center for questions. We have the complete list below.