Finding SSS Navotas Branch: Services, Facilities, and Nearby Amenities

The (Social Security System) SSS Navotas branch plays a crucial role in providing social insurance for workers in the Philippines, particularly in the area of NCR. One of its branches, this SSS office location serves the residents and workers of Navotas, a city known for its thriving fishing industry.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to the services offered by the SSS Navotas branch, its facilities, contact information, and some useful tips for visitors, whether member or still  to become members.


Apart from the SSS branch, Navotas also hosts several other government offices for various public services. Below is our own list.

  • PhilHealth Office: Located nearby for health insurance services.
  • Pag-IBIG Fund Office: For housing loan applications and other member services.
  • Navotas City Hall: For local government services and administrative tasks.


Parking Sign

Parking can be a challenge due to the high volume of vehicles passing by daily in the area of Northbay. As you may very well know this is one of the busiest municipalities in NCR due to its nature of recurring business nature wherein the fish port of Manila is located. However, several nearby establishments offer parking spaces:

  • Navotas City Hall Parking: Limited parking slots available for visitors.
  • SM Center Sangandaan: Offers paid parking and is a short commute away from the branch.
  • Public Parking Lots: Various public parking areas are scattered around the vicinity, but it's advisable to arrive early to secure a spot.

Getting There: Directions

How To Get There

Most Searched Directions:

  • From Manila: Take a jeepney or bus bound for Malabon and alight at the Navotas Fish Port. From there, take a tricycle to Gov. Pascual Road.
  • From Quezon City: Ride the MRT to North Avenue Station, then take a bus or jeepney to Navotas via Edsa and Monumento. Alight at C4 Road, then take a tricycle to the SSS Navotas branch.

Nearby shopping Malls and Cheap Meal Options

food choices

While visiting the SSS Navotas branch, you might want to explore nearby malls and food options:

  • SM Center Sangandaan: A popular shopping destination that offers a variety of dining options, retail stores, and entertainment facilities. It is just a short drive from the SSS branch.
  • Puregold Navotas: Offers a variety of affordable dining options within its food court.

For budget-friendly meals, you can find several eateries and carinderias (local food stalls) around the area:

  • Aling Nena’s Carinderia: Known for its delicious and affordable home-cooked Filipino meals.
  • Mang Inasal: Offers unlimited rice meals at reasonable prices, located within the nearby malls.
  • Jollibee and McDonald's: Popular fast-food chains available in the vicinity, providing quick and affordable meal options.


Location and Address: The SSS Navotas branch is strategically located in Northbay Boulvard, Navotas City. This location is easily accessible to the residents and workers of Navotas and SSS members living or residing in nearby areas like Caloocan, Novaliches, Sangandaan, Maypajo etc.

Operating Hours: The branch operates from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It is advisable to visit early in the day to avoid long queues, especially on Mondays and after holidays when the foot traffic tends to be higher.


Contact Numbers: Tel No.: +63 (02) 83518890
Fax No.: +63 (02) 83518465

Branch Head/Officer-in-Charge: No details found

Email Address:


The office of SSS Navotas branch is equipped with facilities designed for member convenience:

  • Air-conditioned Waiting Area: Ensures comfort while waiting for your turn.
  • Information Desk: Provides assistance and directs members to the appropriate service counters.
  • Queueing System: An organized queuing system to manage the flow of members efficiently.
  • ATM Machines: Available for quick cash withdrawals and contributions payment.


The SSS Navotas branch provides a wide array of services to its members:

  • Membership Registration: New members can register and receive their SSS number.
  • Loan Applications: Members can apply for various loans, including salary, calamity, and educational loans.
  • Benefit Claims: Assistance with filing for retirement, disability, maternity, sickness, and funeral benefits.
  • Contribution Payments: Members can pay their contributions directly at the branch.
  • ID Issuance and UMID Card: Issuance of SSS ID and UMID card for identification and transaction purposes.
  • Records Update: Updating member information such as address, contact details, and beneficiary information.
  • Employee Compensation Benefits: Processing claims related to work-connected sickness or injuries.
  • Employer Services: Assistance for employers in registering businesses, reporting employees, and managing contributions.
  • Member Data Amendment: Services to correct or update member details like birthdate, name, and status.
  • Pension Services: Queries and assistance related to pension adjustments, disbursements, and eligibility.

SSS Navotas branch is a vital facility for the residents and workers of Navotas, providing essential services related to social security and benefits. With nearby government offices, accessible parking options, and a variety of meal choices, visiting the branch can be a smooth experience if planned well. Whether you're there to apply for a loan, update your records, or inquire about your benefits, the SSS Navotas branch is equipped to assist you efficiently.


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